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If you want a wedding that will stand out as rare and special, that is dance-your-shoes-off-fun, and that your guests will rave about long after the day is done...

... then you are in the right place and this Free 90-Minute Wedding Entertainment Consultation might be perfect for you!

Welcome! We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Please fill out this short questionnaire, so that we can better understand your needs and help you make your special day truly unforgettable

Please answer all questions on this application. Your personal information is safe and will be kept completely confidential.

In order to deliver outstanding service, we’d like to ask you to please apply for a Complimentary 90-Minute Wedding Entertainment Consultation only if the following statements are true for you:

- We are a couple in love

- We believe that wedding entertainment is an important factor in making our wedding a smash success

- We want a unique experience, not some "cookie-cutter" wedding

- We have at least 30+ guests attending our wedding reception.

- We are hosting our wedding in Ontario (or have a travel budget for entertainment)

- We have an entertainment budget of at least $995 and we are excited and enthusiastic about celebrating with our guests!

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Just so you know, at the end of your Free 90-Minute Entertainment Consultation with me - if I see that you and I are a good fit - I might tell you about our Wedding Entertainment Packages and invite you to become my client, so that I can help you create a dance-your-shoes-off fun wedding that your guests will rave about.

If you choose to invest in working with me – that's great, and if not, we will part as friends. I don't believe in high-pressure sales or sneaky sales tactics - only in delivering massive value. 

Whether you decide to work with me is completely up to you, no hard feelings at all. Either way, your Consultation Session with me (by phone, in person or via Skype) will certainly be worth your time.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

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